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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Definitions for conglobate

  1. To form into a ball.

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Citations for conglobate
He knew not where to begin; his ideas rolled round upon each other like the radii of a wheel; the words he desired to utter, instead of issuing, as it were, in a right line from his lips, seemed to conglobate themselves into a sphere. Thomas Love Peacock, Maid Marian
Heav'n's gifts, which do, like falling stars, appear Scatter'd in others; all, as in their sphere, Were fix'd and conglobate in 's soul' and thence Shone thro' his body, with sweet influence John Dryden, Upon the Death of Lord Hastings
Origin of conglobate
Conglobate originates with the Latin conglobare, made from the roots con-, "together," and glob, "round," and -ate, "possessing the nature of."