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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Definitions for homologate

  1. To approve; confirm or ratify.
  2. To register (a specific make of automobile in general production) so as to make it eligible for international racing competition.

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Citations for homologate
Now, my lord, as a true Scottish man, and educated at the Mareschal College of Aberdeen, I was bound to uphold the mass to be an act of blinded papistry and utter idolatry, whilk I was altogether unwilling to homologate by my presence. Sir Walter Scott, A legend of Montrose
But Albany had made no secret of the fact that the main reason for this parliament was to homologate his plans for the invasion of England on France's behalf, and this the assembly quite definitely refused to agree to. Nigel G. Tranter, The Riven Realm
Origin of homologate
Homologate is based on the Greek homologos, "of the same word."