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Monday, August 29, 2011

Definitions for flounce

  1. To go with impatient, exaggerated movements.
  2. A strip of material gathered or pleated and attached at one edge, with the other edge left loose or hanging
  3. To throw the body about spasmodically.

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Citations for flounce
Witches keen, movie stars flounce off with tarnished auras. Salman Rushdie, East, West
"It would please me no end," she said, as I registered on my face precisely the amount of sympathy I felt for her outfit, "if you wouldn't flounce around this place in your nightclothes!" Philip Roth, Letting Go
Origin of flounce
Flounce may have emerged from the Scandinavian flunsa, "to plunge, hurry," but the first record of these is 200 years later than the English word. The English bounce may be an influence.