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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Definitions for parergon

  1. Work undertaken in addition to one's principal work.
  2. Something that is an accessory to a main work or subject; embellishment.

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Citations for parergon
This labor resulted in a side adventure or parergon: On his way to the chase, Heracles was entertained by the centaur Pholus, who set before him a jar of wine that belonged to all the centaurs in common. P. O. Morford, Robert J. Lenardon, Classical mythology
"It is a singular thing that you at the outset of your career - even as I thirty years ago at the same point of mine - should take up such a parergon and alight upon the same discovery." Stanley John Weyman, Chippinge
Origin of parergon
Parergon consists of a combination of Greek roots, para- meaning "beyond, and ergo meaning "work, labor."