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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Definitions for gammon

  1. To deceive.
  2. In backgammon, a victory in which the winner throws off all his or her pieces before the opponent throws off any.
  3. To win a gammon (in the game of backgammon) over.

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Citations for gammon
"Come," said Perrot to Luned, stopping short; "we will gammon him with a silver bit or so." Ernest Rhys, The whistling maid: A romance
It is all very well for preachers and philosophers to try to gammon people into making the best of a bad lot; but there is a sort of poverty which does nothing but degrade. Justin McCarthy, My enemy's daughter: A novel
Origin of gammon
This sense of gammon owes its meaning to the Middle English gamen, the ancestor of the Modern English "game."