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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Definitions for junket

  1. A trip, usually by an official or legislative committee, paid out of public funds and ostensibly to obtain information.
  2. A sweet, custardlike food of flavored milk curdled with rennet.
  3. A pleasure excursion, as a picnic or outing.

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Citations for junket
Yeah, well, there's a lot more of them on the operation, fellows in the control room, women too. They all decided to go to California together on a junket. Whooping it up, you know? Patricia Highsmith, Tales of Natural and Unnatural Catastrophes
Some lobbyists get together and put up money for a few congresspeople to go to a resort for a winter weekend. The catch is the lobbyists get to go along and talk to them. They usually call it a seminar or a symposium, but basically it's a junket. John Lutz, Final Seconds
Origin of junket
Junket is rooted in the Latin word juncata which meant “rush basket.” It is likely that the basket was associated with the notion of a picnic basket and came to signify a pleasure trip.