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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Definitions for opuscule

  1. A small or minor work.
  2. A literary or musical work of small size.

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Citations for opuscule
Little by little, with patience and luck and the progressive sharpening of my predatory eye, I found one or another opuscule of his in my used book stores in Oxford and London. Javier Marías, Dark Back of Time
The guide, a mere opuscule of ten pages, is entitled 'The Great Sepulture of the Cappuccini', and is well worth the hundred lire one pays for it. Jocelyn Brooke, The Dog at Clambercrown
Origin of opuscule
Opuscule is from the Latin roots opus meaning “work” and cule which is a suffix that implies a diminutive version, as in molecule and fascicle.
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