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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Definitions for poltroon

  1. A wretched coward; craven.
  2. Marked by utter cowardice.

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Citations for poltroon
By heavens, if, under the circumstances of the provocation which you gave him, and his whole family, he would be as mean and cowardly a poltroon as I find you be...” William Carleton, Valentine M'Cultchy, the Irish Agent
Poltroon, my dear, poltroon!” Moloch put in. “He has no sense of decency, no respect—for me, or for anything. He's a vulgar, coarse fool.” Henry Miller, Moloch
Origin of poltroon
Poltroon originally came from the Latin pullus meaning “young animal.” It came to mean an idler or coward in Old French.