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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Definitions for churlish

  1. Boorish or rude.
  2. Of a churl; peasantlike.
  3. Stingy; mean.

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Citations for churlish
And Ethel, though sometimes sharp and malicious and difficult, wasn't churlish or unpunctual or casual at all. Ruth Rendell, One Across, Two Down
I call it churlish that you would complain of a little time spent in schooling me when the rewards I've earned you come in thick and fast. Karen Miller, A Blight of Mages
Origin of churlish
Churlish originates in the Old English ceorlisc meaning “peasant, freeman, man without rank.” It had various meanings in early Middle English, including "man of the common people," "a country man," "husbandman," "free peasant." By 1300, it meant "bondman, villain," also "fellow of low birth or rude manners."
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