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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Definitions for à la mode

  1. In or according to the fashion.
  2. Cookery. A.(Of pie or other dessert) Served with a portion of ice cream, often as a topping: apple pie à la mode. B.(Of beef) Larded and braised or stewed with vegetables, herbs, etc., and served with a rich brown gravy.

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Citations for à la mode
I do not yet know what is the fashion in England, but naturally if you assure me it is not à la mode, I won't have a lover. Can I have a house in town? Georgette Heyer, The Talisman Ring
However that may be, Wilhelm was undeniably à la mode; the greatest ladies in England would beseech and entreat of him to write but one line in their albums... Hamilton Murray, Falkenburg: A Tale of the Rhine
Origin of à la mode
À la mode literally means “of the fashion” in French. (The sense of a scoop of ice cream on top of pie arose in 1903 in America.)