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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Definitions for gangrel

  1. A lanky, loose-jointed person.
  2. A wandering beggar; vagabond; vagrant.

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Citations for gangrel
Patrick had a likeness to his father, but was still just a gangrel of a boy with long arms and a slouching posture. David Farland, Worlds of the Golden Queen
I longed to tell you so when you threw me over at the meeting for that pretentious pedant, that long-backed Leslie, whom I remember as a gangrel gawky with his sleeves half-way up his arms. Elizabeth Lynn Linton, The Rebel of the Family
Origin of gangrel
Gangrel dates back to Middle English and is related to the word gangling. The suffix -rel has a very precise use: to denote nouns that are seen as trivial or worthless, as in mongrel or wastrel.
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