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Monday, January 02, 2012

Definitions for truss

  1. To tie, bind, or fasten.
  2. To make fast with skewers, thread, or the like, as the wings or legs of a fowl in preparation for cooking.
  3. To furnish or support with a truss or trusses.

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Citations for truss
She showed me how to bone a fish with one pass of the knife, how to truss a turkey, change the oil in a car, do taxes. Instruction seemed to be her only method of communication as far as I was concerned. Ann Patchett, The Patron Saint of Liars
A dress like this does not require a maid to truss me and my hair requires only a brush. Madeline Hunter, The Sinner
Origin of truss
Truss is derived from the Middle English word trussen which is a related to the Vulgar Latin word torsāre meaning "to twist, wind or wrap."
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