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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Definitions for bonny

  1. Pleasing to the eye.
  2. British Dialect. A. (Of people) Healthy, sweet, and lively. B. (Of places) Placid; tranquil. C. Pleasing; agreeable; good.
  3. British Dialect. Pleasingly; agreeably; very well.

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Citations for bonny
Mayhap 'tis time to speak of more than how fine the weather is or how bonny she looks. Hannah Howell, Highland Honor
As he was about to fix the last nail in the last of the shoes, the man in green said, "Would you be knowing what ails the bonny young lady?" Ethel Johnston Phelps and Pamela Baldwin-Ford, Tatterhood and Other Tales
Origin of bonny
late Middle English
Bonny is of uncertain origin. It may be related to the Old French word bon meaning "good." It entered the Scots dialect in the mid-1400s.