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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Definitions for alate

  1. Having wings; winged.
  2. Having membranous expansions like wings.
  3. The winged form of an insect when both winged and wingless forms occur in the species.

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Citations for alate
Vainly a few diehard physicists pointed out that wings are of no propulsive help in airless void, that alate flight is possible only where there are wind currents to lift and carry. Robert Silverberg, Earth is the Strangest Planet
There are no words branded into this gate, only the shape of a large bird with its wings stretched out over the width of the road like an alateprotector. Jenny Siler, Easy Money
Origin of alate
Alate is comprised of the Latin roots āla meaning "wing" and the suffix -ate which was used in Latin to make a word an adjective (like separate) but in English came to be used to create a verb out of a noun (like agitate).