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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Definitions for pied

  1. Having patches of two or more colors, as various birds and other animals.
  2. Wearing pied clothing.

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Citations for pied
"Lashing his tail, he followed the pied mare reluctantly into the cave. Its upper walls and ceiling clustered with glowing lichens and fungi in rose, ghost blue, saffron, and plum." Meredith Ann Pierce, Dark Moon
The fact of the pied birds being pursued and persecuted with much clamour by the other ravens of the island was the chief cause which led Brünnich to conclude that they were specifically distinct. Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man
Origin of pied
Pied, like the pastry pie, is related to the Latin word for magpie, pīca. Magpies have black and white coats, so that type of patched coat came to be called "pied."
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