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Monday, February 06, 2012

Definitions for filiopietistic

  1. Pertaining to reverence of forebears or tradition, especially if carried to excess.

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Citations for filiopietistic
The popular historical narratives of the many immigrant groups may indeed be filiopietistic in the exaggerated and often shrilly made claims for their important contributions to the making of the country of their choice. Orm Øverland, immigrant Minds, American Identities
In a filiopietistic age it would be difficult to find a more filiopietistic man — toward his own father, the founders, and the past generally — than Edward Everett. Paul A. Varg, Edward Evertt: The Intellectual in the Turmoil of Politics
Origin of filiopietistic
A clunky word, filiopietistic is a clear combination of Latin roots. Filio means "brotherly"; piet is related to piety; and the suffix -istic (related to -ism) denotes the noun related to a verb (like baptism).