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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Definitions for crib

  1. To pilfer or steal, especially to plagiarize.
  2. To confine in or as if in a crib.
  3. To provide with a crib or cribs.

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Citations for crib
An otherwise dense early college roommate used to prate that "reality is mankind's greatest illusion," something he cribbed from a psych professor who got it from Erik Erikson. Jim Harrison, The Road Home
Radford's a lazy bastard, you know, and apparently he cribbed a bunch of his lecture notes from somewhere — some old tome he thought nobody had ever read or ever would read — but Archy spotted it instantly, of course, and is making a hell of a stink. Edith Taylor, The Serpent Under It
Origin of crib
Crib comes from the German word krebe which meant basket. Its alternate sense meaning "to steal" arose in the 1600s and leant itself to the current sense of "to plagiarize."