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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Definitions for cordate

  1. Heart-shaped.
  2. (Of leaves) heart-shaped, with the attachment at the notched end.

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Citations for cordate
Despite their strong and interlinked root structure, the actual flowers were of a lowly order, though, canted towards the sun, they attracted the cordate butterflies. Brian Wilson Aldiss, Hothouse
Without any wind blowing, the sheer weight of a raindrop, shining in parasitic luxury on a cordate leaf, caused its tip to dip, and what looked like a globule of quicksilver performed a sudden glissando down the center vein, and then, having shed its bright load, the relieved leaf unbent. Vladimir Nabakov, Speak, Memory
Origin of cordate
Related to core, cordate comes from the Latin word for heart, cor, and the suffix -ate which forms an adjective from a noun.