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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Definitions for mammonism

  1. The greedy pursuit of riches.

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Citations for mammonism
We will bring to mind a young man or young woman bitterly awakened from a fancy dream of accomplishment, action or glory, forced instead to come to terms with a considerably reduced status, a betrayed love, and a hideously bourgeois world of crass mammonism and philistine taste. Rudyard Kipling, Kim
Claiming mutual “affection and confidence” with his collaborating reader whom he expects to agree, Dickens also indicts the false religion of Mammonism. Linda M. Lewis, Dickens, His Parables, and His Readers
Origin of mammonism
Mammonism is an odd combination of Aramaic and Greek. The word mammon meant wealth in Aramaic, and the suffix -ism forms a noun from a verb, as in criticism and plagiarism.