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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Definitions for plenum

  1. A full assembly, as a joint legislative assembly.
  2. The state or a space in which a gas, usually air, is contained at a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure.
  3. A space, usually above a ceiling or below a floor, that can serve as a receiving chamber for air that has been heated or cooled to be distributed to inhabited areas.

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Citations for plenum
The plenum allegedly demanded that Bukharin cease his hunger strike. Yuri Trifonov, Disappearance
They convened a plenary session of the Central Committee, and the plenum sided with them — the game was over! Feliks Ivanovich Chuev, Molotov Remembers
Origin of plenum
Plenum is literally the opposite of a vacuum. It came to be used in the sense of a full meeting of legislators in 1772 in Sweden.
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