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Monday, March 05, 2012

Definitions for profluent

  1. Flowing smoothly or abundantly forth.

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Citations for profluent
Half the congregation — Gwen's family and friends — reached the door ahead of me, their nonchalance more powerful, more profluent than my most intense desire. I could only crawl toward the chapel doors. Stephanie Grant, The Passion of Alice
In southern Arizona, it rains in summer, and I'm impatient for the monsoon torrents of August, for an indulgence of water, a baptism that will roister over rocks and swell profluent down the mountainside, roll through the rubble of the canyon floor... Caitlin L. Gannon, Southwestern Women: New Voices
Origin of profluent
late Middle English
Profluent is derived from the Latin word prōfluere, which meant "to flow forth."