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Monday, March 26, 2012

Definitions for catechize

  1. To question closely.
  2. To instruct orally by means of questions and answers, especially in Christian doctrine.
  3. To question with reference to belief.

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Citations for catechize
He sent her off when the dial made it five o'clock every fourth Sunday—for we had service only once a month, the parson having a church at Brampton, where he lived, and another as well, which made it the more wicked of us to play truant—but whether she got there early or late, or got there at all, he'd never ask, let alone catechize her about the sermon. Mary Webb, Precious Bane
Aunt Bessie tried to catechize her about Erik's disappearance, and it was Kennicott who silenced the woman… Sinclair Lewis, Main Street
Origin of catechize
late Middle English
Catechize stems from the Greek word katēchízein meaning "to teach orally." It was first used in the sense of "to question" by Shakespeare in Othello.