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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Definitions for barnburner

  1. Something that is highly exciting or impressive.
  2. Chiefly Pennsylvania. A wooden friction match.
  3. (Initial capital letter) A member of the progressive faction in the Democratic party in New York State 1845–52.

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Citations for barnburner
“So, ready for the elder's meeting tonight?” Olan said, pouring himself some coffee. “Should be a barnburner from what I hear.” Jonathan Weyer, The Faithful
"A real barnburner — look, you got me sweating buckets." Jason's sitting on the curb with his teammates. Craig Davidson, Rust and Bone
Origin of barnburner
Barnburner is an Americanism that was first observed in the 1830s. It referred to the practice of burning down a barn to get rid of rats.