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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Definitions for apoplectic

  1. Intense enough to threaten or cause a stroke.
  2. Of or pertaining to apoplexy.
  3. Having or inclined to apoplexy.

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Citations for apoplectic
When Abie used to shout, Rebecca always used to make a joke that he was having one of his apoplectic fits. Alan Grayson, Mile End
...four years, one recession and a host of battles — over financial regulation and the nomination of Elizabeth Warren, over Dodd-Frank and the Buffett Rule — have taken their toll. Some on Wall Street are apoplectic. One former supporter, Dan Loeb, compared Obama to Nero; the president’s enemies insinuated worse. Nicholas Confessore, "Obama’s Not-So-Hot Date With Wall Street", The New York Times Magazine, May 2, 2012
Origin of apoplectic
Apoplectic stems from the Greek word apoplēktikós which meant "pertaining to stroke". It literally meant "struck down".