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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Definitions for syndic

  1. A person chosen to represent and transact business for a corporation.
  2. A civil magistrate having different powers in different countries.

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Citations for syndic
Procuring the keys, which had been left at the office of the Syndic of the town, Mr. Bellingham and Isabel sallied forth to inspect their new abode, leaving Dulcie in charge of the English nurse who had accompanied them. Robert Reginald and Douglas Menville, Ancient Hauntings
For instance, Sillem, the most junior, the "fourth," syndic, the one normally responsible for criminal investigations, had supposedly been "promoted" to the position of third, the one most directly responsible for foreign affairs. Mary Lindemann, Liaisons Dangereuses
Origin of syndic
Known more commonly through its related word syndicate, syndic stems from the Greek word sýndikos which referred to a defense lawyer, from the prefix syn- (meaning "co") and the root dikos (meaning "justice").
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