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Monday, July 02, 2012

Definitions for sumpsimus

  1. Adherence to or persistence in using a strictly correct term, holding to a precise practice, etc., as a rejection of an erroneous but more common form (opposed to mumpsimus).
  2. A person who is obstinate or zealous about such strict correctness (opposed to mumpsimus).

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Citations for sumpsimus
And now let all defenders of present institutions, however bad they may be — let all violent supporters of their old mumpsimus against any new sumpsimus whatever, listen to a conversation among some undergraduates. Frederic William Farrar , Julian Home
She is a master of sumpsimus, more anal in language usage than Doc in his rigid professionalism. She insists on saying It is I, or He gave the book to John and me. Ann Burrus, Astride the Pineapple Couch
Origin of sumpsimus
Like its counterpart mumpsimus, sumpsimus comes from to a story about an illiterate priest. In this case, sumpsimus refers to the opposite practice as mumpsimus.
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