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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Definitions for aliquant

  1. Contained in a number or quantity, but not dividing it evenly: An aliquant part of 16 is 5.

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Citations for aliquant
Cunning is the aliquant of talent; as hypocrisy is of religion; all the threes in the universe cannot make ten. Thomas Hall, The Fortunes and Adventures of Raby Rattler and His Man Floss
...even though that number was an odd number and by a quarter the number of his confiteors, even though four was an aliquant part of two thousand to hundred and nineteen, nothing being changed with regard to the masses... Raymond Queneau, The Blue Flowers
Origin of aliquant
Aliquant stems from the Latin roots ali- meaning "differently" and quantus meaning "great."
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