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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Definitions for deflagrate

  1. To burn, especially suddenly and violently.

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Citations for deflagrate
Then the split second realization that something was very, very wrong, as the electricity rushed down the thin wires, sending a spark across a gap in the blasting cap, detonating the cap and sending the shock wave into the explosive charge, causing it to deflagrate at blinding speed, quicker than the mind could imagine. John F. Mullins, Into the Treeline
Whereas Marcel finds disappointment in his return's incapacity to deflagrate, to 'flame up' his memory, Sassoon savours a kind of immediacy when he reaches the Rectory at Edingthorpe... Robert Hemmings, Modern Nostalgia
Origin of deflagrate
Deflagrate is derived from the Latin root flagrāre meaning "to burn." The common prefix de- can denote intensity, as well as removal.