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Monday, July 23, 2012

Definitions for nubilous

  1. Cloudy or foggy.
  2. Obscure or vague; indefinite.

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Citations for nubilous
...trunks as thick as whisky casks and bark like rough-out leather, tower overhead so that the path between them is sheltered from the sun, creating a nubilous atmosphere, soft and pungent with resins, while soft brown needles cushion one's tread. Michael Petracca, Captain Zzyzx
The sky above, dark and nubilous, parted like torn, plump bread and under a sun absorbent and intense, the water began to recede over low bridges. The storm was ending. Elizabeth Léonie Simpson, Stranger From Home
Origin of nubilous
Nubilous comes from the Latin root nūb meaning "cloud."