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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Definitions for vicinage

  1. The region near or about a place; vicinity.
  2. A particular neighborhood or district, or the people belonging to it.
  3. Proximity.

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Citations for vicinage
From the mansion itself, as well as from almost every cottage in the adjacent hamlet, arose such a rich cloud of vapoury smoke, as showed, that the preparations for the festival were not confined to the principal residence of Magnus himself, but extended through the whole vicinage. Sir Walter Scott, The Waverly Novels
Herein resides, as I have hinted, the anxious and easy interest of almost any sincere man of letters in the mere vicinage, even if that be all, of such strained situations as Ray Limbert's. Henry James, The Lesson of the Master
Origin of vicinage
Vicinage stems from the Latin word vīcīn meaning "near."