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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Definitions for draggle

  1. To soil by dragging over damp ground or in mud.
  2. To trail on the ground; be or become draggled.
  3. To follow slowly; straggle.

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Citations for draggle
No skirts to hold up, or to draggle their wet folds against my ankles; no stifling veil flapping in my face, and blinding my eyes; no umbrella to turn inside out, but instead, the cool rain driving slap into my face… Fanny Fern, Ruth Hall and Other Writing
You can't run through the streets after the water baths in that thing you draggle around the house. Susan Fromberg Schaeffer, Anya
Origin of draggle
Draggle is obviously related to this more common word drag. It entered English in the late 1400s. The suffix -le is a verb formation from Middle English, also seen in dazzle and twinkle, among others.
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