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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Definitions for assoil

  1. To absolve; acquit; pardon.
  2. To atone for.

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Citations for assoil
Come up, wives, offer of your yarn! See, I enter your name here in my roll; you shall enter into heaven's bliss; I assoil you by mine high power, you that will make offerings, as clear and clean as when you were born — (lo sirs, thus I preach). Bennett Cerf, An Anthology of Famous British Stories
"Go, and assoil thy living patient: the dead are past thy cares." — " I go," said the Monk of Montcalm, " and Heaven grant that I may shed around his death-hour, that peace which, I fear me, bloody prelate, will be denied to thine!" Charles Robert Maturin, The Albigenses
Origin of assoil
Assoil is derived from the same root as the similar word absolve. However, assoil came into English through the Middle French word asoiler rather than directly from Latin like the word absolve.