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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Definitions for disbosom

  1. To reveal; confess.

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Citations for disbosom
In the field of private space to relax, drink vodka and philosophize in the kitchen, to denounce officials, disbosom. Sergey Gavrov, Modernization of the Empire
Desiring that some light refreshments, with wine and water, should be carried up into the library, she ran up thither instantly, thinking, it is true, very little about such matters, and eager only to disbosom herself to her father, as soon as possible, of her important tidings. Henry William Herbert, Marmaduke Wyvil; or, The maid's revenge
Origin of disbosom
Disbosom comes from the ancient word bosom, which possibly goes back to the roots of the Indo-European languages. Bosom can mean "breast; womb; surface; or ship's hold." The first recorded use of disbosom is in the 18th century.