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Friday, November 16, 2012

Definitions for bird-dog

  1. To follow, watch carefully, or investigate.
  2. In slang, to steal or attempt to steal another person's date.
  3. One of various breeds of dogs trained to hunt or retrieve birds.

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Citations for bird-dog
“Connors thinks my department is so incompetent that he's sending someone to bird-dog my investigation? Judith A. Jance, Partner in Crime
Smart organizations will assign an employee to bird-dog the consultant from the start and learn everything there is to know about a service or application. Dan Tynan, Escaping Services Addiction, Infoworld, August, 2006.
Origin of bird-dog
Bird-dog derives from breeds of dogs used in hunting that are known for their tenacious sense for following birds. The sense "to attempt to steal someone else's date" originates in the 19th century.