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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Definitions for amygdaliform

  1. Shaped like an almond.

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Citations for amygdaliform
She is naturally blonde, pale, with amygdaliform eyes and high cheekbones. Gulnar Nazarkhan, The Secret World
The size and shape of the spores are quite distinctive (globose to subglobose, ovoid, elongate and often almond-shaped – amygdaliform) and with surface ornamentation which may be coarse or fine and individual ornamentation may be low or high and blunt and pointed. Alec Wood, What Cortinarius Is That?
Origin of amygdaliform
Amygdaliform derives from the Greek amygdale, "almond." -form is the common suffix denoting "in the shape of." A portion of the human brain is known as the amygdala, named for its resemblance to almonds.