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Monday, December 10, 2012

Definitions for moor

  1. To fix firmly; secure.
  2. To secure (a ship, boat, dirigible, etc.) in a particular place, as by cables and anchors or by lines.
  3. To moor a ship, small boat, etc.

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Citations for moor
Being anxious to remove some of our goods before night, the boys ran off to fetch the sledge; while I, having no anchor, contrived to moor the boats by means of some of the heavy blocks of iron we had brought. Johann David Wyss, The Swiss Family Robinson
Then the divers will moor it to the bottom — we drove the piles into the ocean floor 20 meters deep when we did the 63. Eugene McCreary, Madame President
Origin of moor
Though moor gained popularity in the 1490s, the term originates from the Old English more from the maerelsrāp rope used for securing or 'mooring' ships.