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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Definitions for adiaphorous

  1. Doing neither good nor harm, as a medicine.

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Citations for adiaphorous
Sun and Mr. Allworthy are united, but with a difference: the sun, in all his majesty and splendor is, in the words of Boyle, "adiaphorous" unthinking matter, whereas Mr. Allworthy is a moral agent . . . Jina Politi, The Novel and Its Presuppositions
. . .which participates of neither extreme, as for example, all those things which, as being neither good nor evil in themselves, we call adiaphorous, or indifferent. William Watson Goodwin, Plutarch's Morals
Origin of adiaphorous
Adiaphorous is derived from the Greek, adiaphoros, meaning 'indifferent.'