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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Definitions for axial

  1. Situated in or on the line about which a rotating body turns.
  2. Of, pertaining to, characterized by, or forming an axis: an axial relationship.

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Citations for axial
“This planet has no axial tilt,” he said as they passed under the portcullis. “And its orbit is circular. So no seasons." Catherine Asaro, Skyfall
"Axial rotation" is not simply "rotation upon an axis" as nonchalantly defined in dictionaries, but is circular motion in the true physical sense. . . Nikola Tesla, Very Truly Yours
Origin of axial
Axial originates from the Latin axis meaning 'pivot.' The Middle English suffix -al, turns what was once a noun into an adjective by applying the meaning 'of' or 'pertaining to' an 'axis.'