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Monday, December 24, 2012

Definitions for glissade

  1. To perform a glissade, a sliding or gliding step.
  2. A skillful glide over snow or ice in descending a mountain, as on skis or a toboggan.
  3. Dance. A sliding or gliding step.

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Citations for glissade
And then I hear it, a high tenuous glissade of sound that I might almost have mistaken for a siren if I didn't know better, and I realize that this is what I've been waiting for all along: the coyote chorus. Tom Coraghessan Boyle, The Tortilla Curtain
Bodies which seem to hover over the floor, sinking only to rise. Glissade brushing to releve en attitude. Anthony Howell, In the Company of Others
Origin of glissade
Glissade entered into English in the 1830s as a version of the modern French verb glisser, meaning "to slip."