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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Definitions for fastigiate

  1. Rising to a pointed top.
  2. Zoology. Joined together in a tapering adhering group.
  3. Botany. A. Erect and parallel, as branches. B. Having such branches.

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Citations for fastigiate
As Rachel's neighbour was to be an Irish Water Spaniel's swamp cypress, likely to spread with time, they had opted for something deciduous and columnar, a fastigiate English oak. Patrick Gale, Notes from an Exhibition
Taking Panfilo through the garden, she pointed up to a stained-glass window flanked on either side by two fastigiate poplars. Mary Rhinehart, "The Song of Red Tower," The Stories of the Surge
Origin of fastigiate
Fastigiate comes from the Latin word fastīgi which meant "height."