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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Definitions for aumildar

  1. A manager or agent.
  2. A collector of revenue.

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Citations for aumildar
The culprit, on suspicion, is hurried away before the aumildar, and after a few loose questions regarding his criminality… Ya Ding, The Earth Sings
The Aumildar paid me a visit for the express purpose of requesting me to do what I could towards the destruction of an enormous buffalo, which had been the terror of the neighbourhood for the last three or four years. E.N. Richards, "Sport in the Cummermail Jungles," The Sporting Magazine
Origin of aumildar
Aumildar comes from the Hindi word amaldār, a combination of the Persian word ʿamal meaning "work" and the suffix -dar meaning "agent."
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