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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Definitions for pseudoclassic

  1. Falsely or spuriously classic.
  2. Imitating the classic: the pseudoclassic style of some modern authors.

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Citations for pseudoclassic
He also points out that any comment on this pseudoclassic literature "should not fail to distinguish the truly Augustan circle of Butler and Johnson and Reynolds and Goldsmith and Burke, whose humanism, like that of Horace, contained, not so much explicitly as in solution, the higher insight which the philosophy of their age was busily hiding away." Stephen L. Tanner, Paul Elmer More: Literary Criticism As the History of Ideas
She hurried along till she came to what, from the pseudoclassic appearance of the structure, seemed a place of dissenting worship. Horace W.C. Newte, Sparrows
Origin of pseudoclassic
Pseudoclassic originated in the 1830s and was applied mainly to art, architecture and literature which mimicked the classic styles.