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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Definitions for preconcert

  1. To arrange in advance or beforehand, as by a previous agreement.
  2. Preceding a concert: a preconcert reception for sponsors.

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Citations for preconcert
Indeed she did not really suspect the visitor, who was one too ingenuous in his nature to preconcert so subtle and so wicked a scheme. Anthony Trollope, Dr. Wortle's School
If personal accidents, and accidents so trivial, could, to any serious extent, be amongst the causes of war, then it would become a hopeful duty to preconcert personal combinations that should take an opposite direction. Thomas De Quincey, The Works of Thomas De Quincey
Origin of preconcert
Though today concert is most often a noun, it was usually used as a verb in the 1700s typically in the sense of "to bring together" or "to arrange." Preconcert thus meant "to arrange beforehand."