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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Definitions for irrefrangible

  1. not to be broken or violated; inviolable: an irrefrangible rule of etiquette.
  2. incapable of being refracted.

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Citations for irrefrangible
In any other nation a typical official like Eliav would find himself allied against the priests who insisted upon such irrefrangible law, and even he had begun to echo the warning voiced by liana Hacohen: "this Mickey Mouse crap." James A. Michener, The Source
But no, Kipling never forgets that Kim is an irrefrangible part of British India: the Great Game does go on, with Kim a part of it, no matter how many parables the lama fashions. Rudyard Kipling, Edward W. Said, "Introduction," Kim
Origin of irrefrangible
This Baroque era word irrefrangible derives from a negation of the Latin root frangere meaning "to break," also the root of the word "fraction."