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Friday, February 15, 2013

Definitions for obnubilate

  1. to cloud over; becloud; obscure.

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Citations for obnubilate
...their trunks were black and knobbly, whilst their branches buckled over as a roof to meet a brick plane and obnubilate a view of the stars. Colin Cornelius, Monkeys Can't Swim
It is the pity of the world, Dr Maturin, to see a man of your parts obnubilate his mind with the juice of the poppy. Patrick O'Brian, The Mauritius Command
Origin of obnubilate
Obnubilate, a late 16th century word, is a verbal derivative of the Latin nūbilus meaning "cloudy," though its closer ancestor, obnūbilāre means "to darken."