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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Definitions for ziggurat

  1. (among the ancient Babylonians and Assyrians) a temple of Sumerian origin in the form of a pyramidal tower, consisting of a number of stories and having about the outside a broad ascent winding round the structure, presenting the appearance of a series of terraces.

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Citations for ziggurat
The social structure of our summer world was as fixed and hard of climbing as a ziggurat. John Banville, The Sea
After talking for a moment about the new strawberry bed, a kind of earthen ziggurat in the middle of the garden, Alice hung up, unable to tell them after all. Jane Smiley, Duplicate Keys
Origin of ziggurat
Born in 1877, ziggurat is derived from the Assyrian ziqquratu meaning "height," or "pinnacle."