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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Definitions for primaveral

  1. of, in, or pertaining to the early springtime: primaveral longings to sail around the world.

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Citations for primaveral
Yet could it ever be truly recaptured, the former primaveral joy? Anthony Burgess, Nothing Like the Sun, 1996
Yesterday I saw a horseman chase through a countryside exploding with primaveral verdure, and if I'd brought a lute along, on my Sunday walk that led me past an imposing chateau I'd once, so and so many years ago, "patrolled" as a recruit, I would have joyously sung out across the treetops, to the solitary, beautiful cinquecento edifice, some such words as "Behind which casement seekest thou, angel, thy repose?" Robert Walser, Speaking to the Rose, 1932
Origin of primaveral
Primaveral hails from the Latin prima vera, literally meaning "springtime." This word shares its root with the Italian noodle dish, pasta primavera: pasta served with fresh vegetables.