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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Definitions for splenetic

  1. irritable; peevish; spiteful.
  2. of the spleen; splenic.
  3. Obsolete. affected with, characterized by, or tending to produce melancholy.

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Citations for splenetic
You see, she stoutly maintained the belief that beneath this splenetic and ogreish exterior there beat a heart of gold, though this I imagine was something she had to do, the idea that her father was splenetic and ogreish all the way through being just too grim to contemplate. Patrick McGrath, The Grotesque, 1989
It is true, when the wind is easterly, or the gout gives him a gentle twinge, or he hears of any new successes of the French, he will become a little splenetic; and heaven help the man...that crosses his humor. Washington Irving, Samalagundi, 1807
Origin of splenetic
Sharing its root with spleen, splenetic entered English at the turn of the fourteenth century, and comes from the Proto-Indo-European splegh-.