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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Definitions for demimonde

  1. a group characterized by lack of success or status: the literary demimonde.
  2. (especially during the last half of the 19th century) a class of women who have lost their standing in respectable society because of indiscreet behavior or sexual promiscuity.
  3. a demimondaine.

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Citations for demimonde
It had not always been that way; it had begun as something more like a network of friends, or the part of the underground that lived in the demimonde. Kim Stanley Robinson, Blue Mars, 2003
Although it had not been important upon her ascension to the apex of the demimonde, once there, impending poverty created a stench of failure. Linda Berdoll, Darcy and Elizabeth, 2006
Origin of demimonde
Demimode comes to English from the French demi- + monde literally meaning "half world." The phrase was coined and popularized by Alexander Dumas, fils.
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