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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Definitions for darg

  1. Scot. and North England. a day's work.
  2. Australian. a fixed or definite amount of work; a work quota.

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Citations for darg I thought myself entitled to a young man, and did not relish the apparition of him coming in at the gloaming, when the day's darg was done, and before candles were lighted. Carl MacDougall, The Devil and the Giro, 2010
Man does not live by money alone, where would we be without our daily darg? Alasdair Gray, McGrotty and Ludmilla, or, The Harbinger Report, 1990
Origin of darg
late Middle English
Darg derives from the Old English word dægweorc, from the roots dæg meaning "day" and weorc meaning "work."